Information on the health emergency related to COVID-19

In view of the health emergency linked to the Coronavirus (COVID-19), Hyposwiss has taken a series of measures to protect its employees, customers, suppliers and partners.

The bank has a business continuity plans in place to allow us to operate as we adapt to the consequences of the pandemic with as little disruption as possible.

We have implemented proactive measures focused on the safety of our employees, customers, suppliers and partners and we continue to adapt as circumstances evolve.

In brief:

  • All employees are now able to work safely and securely from home, and only core teams continue to work at the bank’s premises.
  •  Technology and systems have been thoroughly tested and all data are secure.
  • Client meetings and events are being limited, moved to teleconferencing or rescheduled.
  • Enhanced cleaning and disinfecting in our offices have been implemented.
  • Policies for personnel who become ill, or are concerned that they may have been exposed to the virus, are regularly updated.
  • All business travel are restricted and we are monitoring personal travel to immediately identify risks.
  •  In the event that office closures are necessary, we want to assure you that our teams remains committed to being fully accessible in order to cater to your  business needs.

The bank is doing everything in its power to service our clients as usual. However, given the extraordinary circumstances it may take longer than usual to respond to any requests. We hope that we can count on your understanding and thank you for your trust.

We hope that you and your loved ones remain safe and healthy as this global health challenge unfolds.

Sincerely yours,